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"Here's why I want to honor our Lolo and/or Lola..."

Click to download flyer: FANHS PA Gala October 17, 2014 For #fahm2014, FANHS PA will honor all Lolos and Lolas/grandparents during our October 17 gala at Joy Tsin Lau Restaurant - 1026 Race Street in Philadelphia's Chinatown, at 6 pm. Click to see flyer above and in photo in next post.  * All  Lolos/Lolas pay just $25 each for discounted tickets and will be recognized as a group at the FANHS PA gala :) *Special recognition will be given to Lolos and/or Lolas whose grandchildren participate in the FANHS PA project outlined below.  Do you want your Lola and or Lolo to be honored by FANHS PA during our Filipino American History Gala on October 17, 2014? Then please tell us why. :)  Please send an email to or Write: *your name *your age *your Lolo and/or Lola's full name Think about and write one page in response to these questions. OR --Create a 30 second video* where grandchildren answer these questions: *Why

#fahm2014 FANHS PA to honor Lolos & Lolas at 7th annual Filipino American History Month Gala - October 17

Celebrate Filipino American History Month with FANHS PA on October 17 - at 6 pm, Joy Tsin Lau Restaurant, 1026 Race St., Philadelphia, PA 19107 *8 course banquet dinner* dancing with DJ Jerry Ancheta *live entertainment including:  PFASI Rondalla, FISDU,  St. Augustine Church Choir, ++ * FANHS PA will honor all Lolos and Lolas  Tickets $45 / $25 all Lolos and Lolas; students and seniors Special $20 tix for performers  For tickets: