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#FilipinoAmericanHistoryMonth celebrated throughout the USA

Click on the following link to see tweets and images related to #FilipinoAmericanHistoryMonth ! @FANHS_national thanks all supporters of #fahm2014 . #fahm2014 in Philadelphia, PA - October 26, 2014  Photos @ForCommunities  -  Born and reared in Philadelphia, Mary Faustino points to her first communion photo painted on the mural. Marife Domingo and Dr. Aida Rivera speak about Filipino American history month and PFASI and NaFFAA.   The Filipino American Association of Philadelphia, Inc. (FAAPI) sponsored a wonderful Filipino American History Month celebration beside its Filipino American mural - created by community organizations together with Philly Mural Arts and artist Eliseo Silva. The Filipino American National Historical Society (FANHS) PA Chapter, NaFFAA - Region 1, and the Philippine Folk Arts Society, Inc. (PFASI) all collaborated with FAAPI on this celebration. Drexel student and rondallista Ms. Bri

FANHS PA's 7th annual #FilipinoAmericanHistoryMonth Gala is a success!!

Click on the link below for article: FANHS PA honors grandparents for #fahm2014 gala Many thanks to all performers, donors, attendees, families and all who support FANHS PA Chapter. Our successful event would not have been possible without you!! For videos and other media related to the event see accounts by Marife Domingo and ForCommunities plus @thisisFISDU on Instragram ; also see Facebook photos by Vicky Faye Aquino, Yolanda Taurozzi, Joan May Cordova.

"Here's why I want to honor our Lolo and/or Lola..."

Click to download flyer: FANHS PA Gala October 17, 2014 For #fahm2014, FANHS PA will honor all Lolos and Lolas/grandparents during our October 17 gala at Joy Tsin Lau Restaurant - 1026 Race Street in Philadelphia's Chinatown, at 6 pm. Click to see flyer above and in photo in next post.  * All  Lolos/Lolas pay just $25 each for discounted tickets and will be recognized as a group at the FANHS PA gala :) *Special recognition will be given to Lolos and/or Lolas whose grandchildren participate in the FANHS PA project outlined below.  Do you want your Lola and or Lolo to be honored by FANHS PA during our Filipino American History Gala on October 17, 2014? Then please tell us why. :)  Please send an email to or Write: *your name *your age *your Lolo and/or Lola's full name Think about and write one page in response to these questions. OR --Create a 30 second video* where grandchildren answer these questions: *Why

#fahm2014 FANHS PA to honor Lolos & Lolas at 7th annual Filipino American History Month Gala - October 17

Celebrate Filipino American History Month with FANHS PA on October 17 - at 6 pm, Joy Tsin Lau Restaurant, 1026 Race St., Philadelphia, PA 19107 *8 course banquet dinner* dancing with DJ Jerry Ancheta *live entertainment including:  PFASI Rondalla, FISDU,  St. Augustine Church Choir, ++ * FANHS PA will honor all Lolos and Lolas  Tickets $45 / $25 all Lolos and Lolas; students and seniors Special $20 tix for performers  For tickets:

#FANHS2014 is a success! Cheers and thanks to all!

The Filipino American National Historical Society’s 15th biennial national conference, successfully hosted by FANHS SanDiego Chapter on July 30-August 2 at the KonaKai Resort, drew 500 + participants to more than 80 Intergenerational workshops, an authors’ reception and panels, films, plenary sessions, and a gala with a live band. See many more images and tweets compiled Photos now on Shutterfly! Cheers and thanks to all - organizers from FANHS San Diego Chapter, sponsors, donors, presenters, artists, vendors, participants - who made the 15th biennial FANHS national conference a success!  We hope to see everyone at #FANHS2016 in New York City. [ View the story "FANHS2014 " on Storify ]

#FANHS2014 Authors' Reception on July 31, San Diego, CA   #FANHS2014 Authors' Reception 7/31 by ForCommunities

#FANHS2014 latest national conference updates!

PLEASE click on link for latest #FANHS2014 conference press release #fanhs2014 July ~ 7/27/14 Dear FANHS Friends, Greetings! Excitement is building and the countdown to the FANHS conference is now here this week (please see attached press release for additional conference details)! We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible this summer at the FANHS 2014 Conference in sunny San Diego!  Remember that we are planning a  tribute for Uncle Fred on Wednesday night, July 30, 2014 at 8-10PM .  Former FANHS Trustee Meg Thornton is helping to coordinate. Please contact her by e-mail  if you wish to be a part of the tribute.  We will be dedicating the evening to “Uncle Fred”. This will allow a more organic time, for individuals to participate and or pay tribute to such an influential man. The evening will also set the tone for the entire 2014 FANHS Conference to be a tribute to Uncle Fred. The FANHS 2014 Conference  A

#FANHS2014 gala sponsorship extended to July 7 and more updates from Dr. Judy Patacsil

Dear FANHS   Member, Greetings! We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible this summer at the FANHS 2014 Conference in sunny San Diego. Attached are documents that we ask you to please disseminate to your FANHS Chapters, to colleagues, and to community contacts to help promote the FANHS Conference. This will help spread the information to as many as possible, and answer questions that you may have, especially as we head into the final stretch with less than one month now left to go before the conference. Remember that we are planning a tribute on Wednesday, July 30, 2013 after 7:30PM. We will be dedicating the evening to “Uncle Fred”. This will allow a more organic time, (which please note that it may end before 11PM, depending on participation & coordinators) for individuals to participate and or pay tribute to such an influential man and the founder of Filipino American History Month. Having this tribute Wednesday night will help all of us to find comfort and s

#FANHS2014 - Tentative Schedule Posted!

#FANHS2014 - The 15th biennial national conference of the Filipino American National Historical Society/FANHS will be held July 30-August 2, 2014 at the Kona Kai Resort in San Diego, California. For more information on FANHS TO REGISTER for #FANHS2014 Dr. Judy Patacsil, FANHS National Vice President and FANHS National Conference Coordinator, wrote an informative letter re: tributes to Dr. Fred Cordova, the late founding president of FANHS, the silent auction, registration, volunteers, and more: Here's a letter for gala sponsors:   DEADLINE extended to July 7 Letter about the #FANHS2014 silent auction. Please donate now! Download the tentative schedule by clicking the link below: "  s

FANHS invites you to its 15th Biennial National Conference in San Diego, CA, July 30-August 2, 2014

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE FANHS National Conference Coordinator:   Judy Patacsil PR Contacts: Joan May Cordova & Tyrone Nagai Email: Website: Download/print #fanhs2014 conference flyer:   Twitter:    @fanhs_national Official FANHS national conference hashtag: #fanhs2014  CONFIRMED SPEAKERS: U.S. Army Major General Antonio Taguba will speak at #FANHS2014 Dr. Leny Strobel will speak at the FANHS National Conference. For more on Dr. Strobel:   California Assemblyman Rob Bonta will speak at the FANHS national conference in San Diego. Rob Bonta's biography: Full text to CA legislation (click blue link : ) - AB 123 - Filipino American Contributions to the Farm Worker Labor Movement The American farm labor movem