Sunday, September 30, 2012

Celebrate October as Filipino American History Month!

Did you know that FANHS initiated the celebration of October as Filipino American History Month in 1992?  Click the (brown :-) link below for the original resolution on Emily Lawsin's website.   
Filipino American History Month Resolution with updates via Emily Lawsin
Professor Emily Lawsin is currently a FANHS national trustee/Performance Poet/Oral Historian/Lecturer in Asian American Studies & Women's Studies. Co-Author, Filipino Women in Detroit: 1945-1955

Her website (as well as this blog) also cite the actual text of SENATE RESOLUTION 669--RECOGNIZING FILIPINO AMERICAN HISTORY MONTH IN OCTOBER 2010 -- (Senate - September 29, 2010)    

Searching this "FANHS and beyond" blog, you'll also find many examples of various state resolutions for Filipino American History Month (FAHM) as well as activities and FAHM programs organized by FANHS Chapters throughout the USA.   I'll be updating the blog with activities throughout October 2012.

In Philadelphia, for example, FANHS PA Chapter will host its 5th annual Filipino American History Month celebration on October 26.  FANHS PA also partnered with the Filipino American Association of Philadelphia, Inc. (FAAPI ) to help organize celebrations for FAAPI's centennial throughout 2012.   From the FANHS National Office, Dr. Fred Cordova wrote official FANHS greetings to FAAPI.   His letter also describes Filipino American History Month, a concept he originated. 

Registration is open for #FANHS2022, the 19th biennial national conference of the Filipino American National Historical Society (FANHS)

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