Wednesday, July 28, 2010

MANY THANKS to all who supported FANHS!!

What a memorable time we had in Seattle! More than 500 joined us at FANHS this year.

Many, many thanks to all who sponsored, presented, performed, volunteered, organized, donated to and attended the 13th biennial national conference of FANHS this July 21-24, 2010 at Seattle University! We appreciate everyone who has been part of FANHS in some way -- including many of you who've supported FANHS from a distance.

People have stopped to write and tell me how much they enjoyed and learned from this conference. The "morning after" FANHS, professor/author Leny Strobel wrote about "The Good Work of FANHS" on her blog:

Aldrich Sabach of PEP shares his FANHS 2010 collection with all of us: And watch out for the DVDs -- of the conference and of "Dance Down Memory Lane" -- available from FANHS Hampton Roads (Virginia) Chapter. Contact Edwina Bergano for more information on the DVDs.

We'll add to these links as we move forward and continue to promote Filipino American history.

I'm ever hopeful,
~(Auntie) Joanie / Joan May / AJM / NJM

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Please support FANHS vendors!

Please plan to support FANHS vendors at the FANHS national conference "Marketplace" in the Seattle University Student Union, 1st floor, room 160. Vendors may begin setting up after 12 noon on Wednesday. Please be aware that construction is taking place nearby; it'll be difficult to park close to the entrance. FANHS will provide vendors with parking permits on Thursday - Saturday.

BIOS of FANHS National Conference Presenters

FANHS has a wonderful team of national presenters of all ages and backgrounds -- elders, students, scholars, artists, professionals, writers.

In an effort to be "green," bios of FANHS national conference presenters are linked here and will not be in the printed program. Efforts were made to include bios of all presenters who emailed their bios to me. A number of presentations were added by the program committee later in the planning. We apologize for any omissions.

Monday, July 19, 2010

FANHS national conference schedule on ScribD

***A FEW CHANGES have been made to the schedule. Please register and join us for the FANHS national conference. The most current schedule (that includes specific venues) will be ready for you when you register on Thursday morning.
See you soon!!


A detailed schedule for the Filipino American National Historical Society (FANHS) national conference, July 22-24, is found on the ScribD link below. Everyone -- even conference presenters -- will need to register for the conference, at least for one day. (The official conference program, to be distributed at the registration area, will list locations of presentations, films, workshops.)

To register for the FANHS conference, print, complete and deliver forms you'll find here:

If you have any questions, email:

Sunday, July 18, 2010

FANHS Seattle Tour update

If you've already paid for the FANHS Seattle tour, please note that three tour buses will leave from the Seattle University parking lot in front of Pigott Hall. Please be there by 10:30 am on July 21.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

TRANSPORTATION info to Seattle University

***Here's the Seattle Light Rail Schedule:

***Detailed info on how to take the new Light Rail from SeaTac airport to Seattle University. Thanks to Damian & Judy Cordova for this public transportation route to Seattle University.
"To board, you have to take the elevator/escalator out of Baggage Claim, cross over the bridge to the Parking Structure, then follow the signs to the leftthrough the parking structure and out to the Light Rail station. See the links below for updated, detailed info and schedules. However, as Trustee Emily Lawsin told our Michigan Chapter elders: if you have a lot of luggage, or if you are arriving late at night, or if you are a senior citizen, or can't walk far, then you should book a taxi or Shuttle Express if you aren't renting a car. Some companies have a flat fee from the airport and you can make a reservation online. Note: If you're staying at the Silver Cloud Inn on Broadway, you can also catch Bus #12 from Downtown (on 1st Ave. & Union St. -OR- 2ndAve. and Marion St.) and get off across the street from the hotel, on Broadway and Madison. Metro Route 12:

***IF you are in a Seattle University dorm, you'll be going to Campion Tower Dorms - 914 E. Jefferson Seattle, WA 98122 (206) 296-5600 If you're in a Seattle U apartment suite, you'll be at Chardin Suites 1020 E. Jefferson Seattle, WA 98122

***From SeaTac Airport: Shuttle Express to Seattle University (425) 981–7000 ($35)

***Your Seattle University lodging package, available at the front desk upon arrival, will include:
1) the electronic key to let you onto your floor and in your room2) a credit card for your non-conference food ($57 [to be paid to FANHS at registration] for 3 breakfasts / 2 lunches/ 1 dinner) 3) other SU information.

***Info for those going to Silver Cloud Hotel on Broadway: Taxi fare is $45-50.Cheaper alternative is taking Light Rail from SEA-Tacoma Airport to the Westlake Station. From the station, call the Silver Cloud Hotel206.325.1400 and they will send their free shuttle.
More detailed info here:

Monday, July 12, 2010

See you in Seattle! FANHS national conference, July 21-24, 2010 @ Seattle University

We look forward to seeing more than 500 FANHS members and friends at the 13th biennial national conference of FANHS this July 21-24, 2010! Delegations from Alaska, Hawai'i, the Midwest, New Mexico, Virginia Beach, New York, California and beyond will converge on Seattle University next week.

For the latest updates, please check this blog, our FANHS Facebook page or follow me on Twitter @ForCommunities It would be so helpful if folks would please try not to contact the FANHS national office unless absolutely necessary.

*Seattle Filipino American History Tour (July 21) is now closed. Three buses have been filled.
*Saturday night banquet is closed. If you've already registered, you have a seat. There will be no banquet tickets sold at the door or available to one-day FANHS conference registrants.
*For tickets to the July 21 Far West Convention Reunion dinner, please see The Far West dinner will begin at 8 pm at the Filipino Community Center (FCC). This follows the "FANHS Welcome Dinner" -- home cooked by FANHS national, FANHS Yakama and FANHS Alaska Chapters -- that will be held at Immaculate Church Hall from 5-7 on July 21.

*Vegetarian options are available for all meals at Seattle U. Please email me if you'd like to be part of the vegetarian count

Camp FYA at Seattle University's Student Center, July 22-23:
  • Start - 10:00 am
  • End of Scheduled Activities - 2:30 pm
  • Pick-up Deadline - 3:00 pm
To register children aged 5-10, contact:

*The FANHS national conference will also feature workshops by members of Palubuniyan Kulintang Ensemble , Kodiak (Alaska's) Youth Banduria performers, playwright Jeanne Barroga, films, and much more! Watch for the listing of conference workshops... We're excited!

~photo of Seattle Space Needle by Joan May Cordova

Registration is open for #FANHS2022, the 19th biennial national conference of the Filipino American National Historical Society (FANHS)

Copy/paste this link into your browser to register for #FANHS2022, the 19th biennial national conference of the Filipino American National ...