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FANHS Fundraising revised

MANY THANKS TO ALL WHO CONTINUE TO DONATE TO FANHS! ***The FANHS national office is sending the following letter out via snail mail news: Dear FANHS members and friends, Thanks to all FANHS members and volunteers in 28 FANHS Chapters throughout the U.S., FANHS continues to gather and promote Filipino American history through publications, public programs, films, and artistic expressions for more than 26 years. Through our FANHS blog: and many FANHS Facebook pages, you’ll see that our work is truly national. In 2009, we celebrate renewed activity in FANHS New England and FANHS Metropolitan New York; the success of the FANHS Midwest Conference, and the many FANHS books, photo exhibits, films, and Filipino American History Month activities in Oregon, Washington, California and New Mexico. Cheers to everyone who has been involved! Now after celebrating Filipino American History Month for more than 20 years, Congress passed H.Res.780: Recognizing