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FANHS HR Hosts Regional Symposium: Join us!

Congratulations and many thanks to FANHS Hampton Roads Chapter and collaborating organizations for a successful summer symposium. Here are the latest photos from "SIGE: The Moment is Now" FANHS Hampton Roads founding president Dr. Allan Bergano writes: "One of the most popular east coast destinations during July 4th is Virginia Beach. The largest, east coast Filipino American community picnic occurs annually every Independence Day. Hotel rooms are at 90% plus occupied and average $155/night. As a non-757-ite, where can one find lodging AND food included from July 1 - 4 for under $100 per person?" Check out the "Sige: Our Moment is Now" Summer 2009 Symposium, sponsored by FANHS-Hampton Roads Chapter. It will be your summer vacation of a lifetime." For more information: FAÇADE Events Filipino Americans Creating a Dynamic Environment (FAÇADE), a youth c