Tuesday, February 17, 2009

FANHS is 100% volunteer work

Since Dr. Dorothy Laigo Cordova and Dr. Fred Cordova http://depts.washington.edu/civilr/cordovas.htm founded FANHS in 1982, they have been volunteers who now work full-time for FANHS. All projects and FANHS Chapters (now numbering 28 throughout the USA) are also run by volunteers who donate time, resources, talent, and spirit to the work of gathering and promoting Filipino American history. Everyone -- even FANHS unpaid staff, officers, and national trustees -- pays their own registration fees and travel expenses for all conferences and meetings. At each of the biennial national conferences, FANHS has maintained a tradition of finding ways to subsidize student registration and many meals. Former FANHS students -- who now include Edwina Bergano, Professor Emily Lawsin, Dr. Dawn Mabalon, Ron Buenaventura, Veronica Salcedo, and others -- now continue the tradition of supporting new generations of youth participation at various FANHS events. What many of us value most about FANHS are the opportunities to work with generations of people who are so deeply committed to our communities. We hope that many of you will continue to support this important work of FANHS. You'll find FANHS fundraising letters/donation forms posted below.

On this blog, I've previously highlighted the work of former FANHS President, the late Thelma Buchholdt: http://www.thelmabuchholdt.com/

This week, we congratulate current FANHS National Vice President, Vangie Buell.

FANHS Vice President Evangeline Canonizado Buell receives 2009 YMCA Martin Luther King Award for Human Dignity and Brotherhood

A press release notes: "The YMCA's recognition of Ms. Buell highlights her work as an advocate for social justice and humanity, consistent with the timeless teachings of Dr. King, whose legacy is celebrated by the YMCA annually through a series of community based events."

Vangie Buell, granddaughter of a Buffalo Soldier http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2007/03/08/DDG0GOGEOH1.DTL is an award winning writer, musician, and lifelong community activist for social justice. When she gave a talk to hundreds of students at the University of California, Santa Cruz last fall, every single student bought her book, Twenty Five Chickens and a Pig for a Bride! One of the founders of FANHS East Bay Chapter, she is a mentor and dear friend of many in FANHS and our larger communities. Congratulations, Vangie!

FANHS Hampton Roads Chapter Hosts Pre-Inaugural Teach In

Dr. Allan Bergano, Founding President of FANHS Hampton Roads Chapter, wrote:
"Validating the American Dream" Barack Obama's Inauguration seeks clarity. For some, it marks the end of the American dream…for others, the beginning. This national panel discussion will stimulate thought through a lively discussion to give the inauguration proper historical context within the Filipino American experience….Speakers:Allan L. Bergano, FANHS-Hampton Roads; Wilma Consul, Journalist/Theater Artist; Gem Daus, University of Maryland-Filipino American Studies; Joan Javier, Political/Progressive Activist; Dexter Ligot Gordon, Filipinos for Obama; Joe Montano, Democratic National Committee; Ray Obispo, Filipino American Cultural Society

Dr. Allan and Edwina Bergano worked with regional FANHS members Joe Montano and Jian Zapata (former FANHS students :-) to set up the January 17, 2009 event at George Mason University in Arlington, VA. Among those in attendance were FANHS HR President Veronica Salcedo, and others who had participated in FANHS Hampton Roads or FACS student events through the decades such as Jojo Maralit, Mike Reyes, Alex Cena, and Roberto Jamora. Veronica Salcedo, who first attended FANHS at age 13 and is now a high school teacher, said: "Just being there with people who have all worked in our community was a great feeling...What I love about this type of discussion is that we talk honestly and respectfully. We identified problems we faced as community organizers. We proposed solutions so that future generations can take leadership roles in government, education, media, and the arts." Allan expressed the spirit of the teach in to those who could not be there: "Remember all the FANHS events we worked on? There were generations of community leaders there -- with heart."

FANHS Sonoma County Chapter's Video Premiere is a Success!

In the great FANHS tradition of documenting local histories, FANHS Sonoma County Chapter successfully launched their video documentary, "Remembering Our Manongs: Filipinos in Sonoma County," to Northern California audiences on November 1, 8 and 15, 2008. You'll find a comprehensive set of photos documenting the premiere and educational panels here:


Watch for new books by FANHS Chapters and Friends

Filipinos in Puget Sound, will be published by Acadia Press this Spring, 2009. For more info, contact Dr. Dorothy L. Cordova at the FANHS National Office: fanhsnational@earthlink.net

Juanita Tamayo-Lott and Rita Cacas are working on Filipinos in Washington, DC.

And FANHS San Diego Chapter is gathering photos for Filipinos in San Diego, also to be published by Acadia Press. If you'd like to contribute photos, please contact Dr. Judy Patacsil, FANHS Trustee & San Diego Chapter President.

These new books join the many other publications created by FANHS East Bay, Stockton, Vallejo, Los Angeles, Midwest, Michigan, and Hampton Roads Chapters. Just contact FANHS for more info.

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