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FANHS congratulates University of Maryland, College Park: Filipino American Studies and new scholarships

We're excited that Filipino American Studies is growing on the East Coast! At the 12th biennial conference of FANHS in Anchorage, Alaska last June 2008, Juanita Tamayo-Lott organized the panel, "Inspiration, Influence, and Intrigue: the Long Reach and Hidden Impacts of Filipino American Studies since 1969," that included pioneers of the first Filipino American Studies program -- Tamayo-Lott and Dan Gonzales, as well as Gem Daus, instructor of the newest Filipino American Studies program in the US. During the second Filipino American Studies Gala on February 21, 2009 at the University of Maryland, College Park, the Filipino Cultural Association -- together with many supportive community members and organizations -- launched the Philip Vera Cruz Scholarship and the Major General (Ret.) Antonio Taguba Profiles in Courage and Leadership Scholarship at UMCP. Guest speakers included General Taguba, Kris Valderrama of the M

FANHS is 100% volunteer work

Since Dr. Dorothy Laigo Cordova and Dr. Fred Cordova founded FANHS in 1982, they have been volunteers who now work full-time for FANHS. All projects and FANHS Chapters (now numbering 28 throughout the USA) are also run by volunteers who donate time, resources, talent, and spirit to the work of gathering and promoting Filipino American history. Everyone -- even FANHS unpaid staff, officers, and national trustees -- pays their own registration fees and travel expenses for all conferences and meetings. At each of the biennial national conferences, FANHS has maintained a tradition of finding ways to subsidize student registration and many meals. Former FANHS students -- who now include Edwina Bergano, Professor Emily Lawsin, Dr. Dawn Mabalon, Ron Buenaventura, Veronica Salcedo, and others -- now continue the tradition of supporting new generations of youth participation at various FANHS events. What many of us value most about FANHS are th