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Filipino American History Month: FANHS Resolution from 1991

The following resolution, ratified by FANHS Trustees in 1991, created Filipino American History Month. Please let us know of the Filipino American History Month activities in your communities. ~Joanie Dr. Joan May T. Cordova FANHS National President ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FILIPINO AMERICAN NATIONAL HISTORICAL SOCIETY 810 18th AVENUE, ROOM 100, SEATTLE, WA 98122 (206) 322-0203 A Resolution OCTOBER IS FILIPINO AMERICAN HISTORY MONTH WHEREAS, the Filipino American National Historical Society had declared the Year 1988 to be the 225th Anniversary of the Permanent Settlement of Filipinos in the Continental United States and had set into motion its year-long, national observance in order to focus on the story of our nation's past from a new perspective by concentrating on the critically economic, cultural, social and other notable contributions Filipino Americans had made in countless ways toward the development of United

FANHS PA Banquet: Tickets available now!

Click on flyer to enlarge. Please feel free to download and/or print and circulate. Hope to see you all in Philly! ~Joanie