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FANHS conference full schedule overview !

Many of you have been waiting to see this schedule. Again, please click on the box in the upper right corner to see a full view of the schedule. (I write this reminder upon request ;-) Please also note that workshops and panels -- and not individual presentations -- are listed here. If you're a presenter, please note the code T1, or F2, etc., in the email you've already received. The codes mean T1= Thursday, Concurrent Session 1, for example. "P" denotes plenary sessions. To decide on each panel's title, it's been great that panelists have been in engaging in on-line dialogue and getting to know each other before the conference. In light of ongoing dialogue, some of these titles will change by conference time. Again, if you haven't registered, there's still time to send in registration forms. (See posts below for forms). Or you may register on site. Watch for press releases that describe sessions in more depth. See you in Alaska! ~Joanie

FANHS conference press release by Jenny Dizon

Filipino American National Historical Society “The mission of the Filipino American National Historical Society (FANHS) shall be to promote understanding, education, enlightenment, appreciation and enrichment through the identification, gathering, preservation and dissemination of the history and culture of Filipino Americans in the United States.” Contact: Jennifer Dizon FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 16, 2008 FILIPINO AMERICAN NATIONAL HISTORICAL SOCIETY HOLDS ITS 12TH BIENNIAL CONFERENCE IN ANCHORAGE, ALASKA, JULY 3 THROUGH 5 Anchorage, Alaska, June 16, 2008–The Filipino American National Historical Society (FANHS) will host its 12th Biennial National Conference, “Lure of the Salmon Song,” at the Hilton Hotel in Anchorage, Alaska, July 3 through 5, 2008. FANHS will also celebrate its 25th anniversary and honor three-term FANHS National President and former Alaska State Representative Thelma Buchholdt who recently passed away. The FANHS National Conference i

Kenai Tour information & updates to schedule

Nearly all conference presenters have received confirmation of their time/date of their presentations. I thank you in advance for some of the changes that may have to be made. Just a reminder: Everyone, including all conference presenters, must register for the conference. The FANHS national conference is a great bargain -- with the awards banquet, networking lunch, authors' reception, continental breakfast, and so much more -- included in the very low conference registration fee (around $100). Your canceled check will be your receipt. Registration packets will be available when we all get to Alaska. FANHS Conference registration forms are here: http:// If you'd like to join us on the pre-conference tour to Kenai canneries and more... please add $30 to your registration fee and note "Kenai Tour" on your reg form. Mail your registration form and check, made payable to FANHS, to: FANHS National Office 810 - 18th Avenue

FANHS National Conference "Schedule at a Glance"

Please click on the tiny window in the upper right hand corner to open a full view of the schedule. For questions, email: FANHS 2008 schedule 1 - Upload a Document to Scribd Read this document on Scribd: FANHS 2008 schedule 1

Authors: Please send books to Alaska ASAP

Titania Buchholdt has just sent this reminder to all those who are planning to have books available for the FANHS Authors' Reception. If you plan to send your books to the FANHS conference, 1. The address is [insert author's name or the person the books belong to], FANHS national conference Attn: AIDA HAYDEN Anchorage Hilton Hotel 500 West Third Ave Anchorage AK 99501-2210 2. If you are sending books by mail, it is now *too late* to send via USPS Media Mail! If you send books by First Class, allow three to six weeks for the books to arrive -- which means it is too late to send via First Class unless you are sending from the Seattle area. If you are going to mail books ahead and you have not yet done so, you must send via Priority Mail no later than two weeks prior to the start of the conference! Yes, the USPS does advertise that Priority Mail "usually" takes two to three days. Note, this "usual" delivery time does not apply to items sent to Alas

Honoring Thelma Buchholdt

At the Awards banquet on July 5, 2008, FANHS will honor three-term FANHS National President Thelma Buchholdt Thelma worked on the upcoming FANHS national conference until her death last November. The letter she wrote to all of us at FANHS is posted on the FANHS Alaska Chapter website: Reading these, I'm inspired and humbled as we continue this work. We look forward to seeing you at FANHS. ~Joanie