Monday, May 9, 2022

Registration is open for #FANHS2022, the 19th biennial national conference of the Filipino American National Historical Society (FANHS)

Copy/paste this link into your browser to register for #FANHS2022, the 19th biennial national conference of the Filipino American National Historical Society (FANHS)

Monday, February 28, 2022

"When an icon turns 90: Celebrating Auntie Dorothy"

Dr. Dorothy Laigo Cordova is the mother of eight, grandmother of 17, and great-grandmother of 22. To many across the nation, she is affectionately and figuratively our beloved Auntie Dorothy. Dorothy’s daughter, Bibiana Cordova Shannon, asked her mother to reflect on her 90 years. She responded that she “thinks of (herself) being a mother, grandmother and great grandmother first…, and then she launches into memories of her work on youth empowerment, social justice, and historic preservation.” copy/paste link to read full article: -image via @FANHS_national on Instagram

Thursday, December 9, 2021

#FANHS2022 Call for Proposals - now due February 1, 2022! Extended deadline :-)

Via @FANHS_national 16 January 2022 WE’VE EXTENDED OUR DEADLINE! You still have time to submit your conference proposal for #FANHS2022 to be held in Seattle on August 11-13, 2022! The new due date is Tuesday Feb 1, 2022. For more detailed information, go to #FANHS #FilipinoAmericanHistory via email from The FANHS 19th Biennial Conference will be held August 11-13, 2022 at Seattle University located at 901 12th Ave in Seattle. Visit for more information. The year 2022 marks the 40th Anniversary of the Filipino American National Historical Society (FANHS). This year’s conference theme is FANHS 40: Past, Present, Future. We are looking for conference proposals that: Remember, revisit, and reclaim the rich history of Filipino Americans. Share current research projects and learn how historical issues still affect us today. Provide workshops on how to collect, disseminate, and preserve history for the future. Proposals may be submitted for: Individual papers or presentations (to be grouped with other individual submissions) Panels (three or four papers or presentations on a single topic) Roundtables (several individuals presenting personal accounts of specific historical events or experiences) Workshops (teaching research techniques or sharing research skills or sources) Film Screening (full or partial film screening and Q&A with audience) Proposals are a synopsis (500 word limit) of your presentation topic. Panels or Roundtables with multiple presenters should submit only one Proposal/Google Form for the whole group. Older presentations and those that were accepted for the FANHS 2020 Conference in HawaiĘ»i are also welcome. Please include contact information and a brief Bio (100 word limit) for all presenters. To submit a proposal, please fill out the proposal form online: If you have any other questions, feel free to email Note on Proposals and Conference Registration: Since FANHS is a completely volunteer-run, non-profit organization, conference presenters/participants are expected to pay conference registration fees prior to the conference in order to be listed in the program. FANHS does not turn away presenters for lack-of-funds; please consult with the conference committee for volunteer or payment options and/or your local chapter or trustee about fundraising strategies. A limited number of student scholarships may also be available. (Conference Registration Forms will be available in Winter 2022.) Copyright (C) 2021 Filipino American National Historical Society. All rights reserved. Our mailing address is: Filipino American National Historical Society 810 18th Ave Ste 100 Seattle, WA 98122-4778

Friday, October 29, 2021

Updates: FANHS Pennsylvania / FANHS PA's 14th annual #FAHM party 31! Must read Filipino Executive Council of Greater Philadelphia (FECGP) President Roman Ventura's FAHM message

UPDATED 1 November 2021: FANHS PA's 14th Annual #FAHM program is a success! Many thanks to all who joined FANHS PA's virtual celebration of #FAHM2021. We're happy to see so many organizations represented: FANHS Hampton Roads@FANHShr (Virginia) and FANHS San Francisco Chapters / Philippine Folk Arts Society (PFASI); Asian Americans United - AAU in Philadelphia / Philippine Community of Southern New Jersey (PCSNJ) / St. Augustine Church, Philadelphia ... and more friends and family! Thank-you, all. While we didn't record the event, we have a pdf of slides with working links. Please just tweet @ForCommunities if you'd like a copy. Here's how our FANHS PA Filipino American History Month program flowed:
Let's all take FECGP President Roman Ventura's FAHM message to heart. Roman is the youngest ever FECGP President, a Drexel FISDU alum (yaay!!), and FANHS PA co-organizer. While he writes this for members of the 23 organizations of the Filipino Executive Council of Greater Phildelphia, his message of bayanihan is so relevant to all our communities. We thank-you, Roman.
Dear Community Members, Magandang gabi sa inyong lahat! Today was a beautiful fall day and a great time to begin Filipino American History Month. Why do we especially emphasize "History" rather than heritage as many other titular months are called? It is because we together are writing the history of our people, the Filipino people, our kapamilya. In a Filipino sociology course that I took in college, we discussed the Filipino value of bayanihan (the spirit of communal unity, belonging, and cooperation). It is key for us to work together to ensure that our community thrives as one, especially as the Filipino Americans gathered here in the Greater Philadelphia region. I am proud to be entrusted with your confidence to lead our community and the Filipino Executive Council with all of its member organizations as we forge ahead and pave the way for a bright tomorrow. Our differences only strengthen us as each organization pursues their own goals with the support of its peers. Regardless of any past differences or difficulties, we cannot let ourselves fall into a crab mentality now, lest we doom our organizations to grow old and outdated on islands isolated, worlds apart from one another. Why else would we be part of a larger community, the Filipino Executive Council? Growing up in California I always saw that the Mexican-American community celebrated Cesar Chavez one of the co-founders of the United Farm Workers in Delano, California. But did you know that Filipino manong Larry Itliong was the driver for that organization to exist? I like to think that it was his adherence to the bayanihan spirit that allowed him to see that the only path to success for the greater community was to unite both the Filipino and Mexican farm hands in order to achieve the goals to benefit the organization. In a similar vein, the Filipino Executive Council was enacted to allow the organizations here in the Delaware Valley to unite and gather support for one another. While we may have a shared heritage from a country of islands, it does not mean that we must stay on Islands in our adoptive home here in America. We can be proud of our respective regions and provinces, speak different Filipino languages, cook our special dishes that remind us of home, but at the end of the day we all are Filipino-Americans residing here together. One of the greatest directives of the FECGP is collaboration, and I take this as an opportunity to ensure we can establish a welcoming environment for new organizations join us in our mission the further advance the Filipino-American community here in Philadelphia and its surrounding counties. Only by working together can we improve and build upon that which our predecessors provided to us and that we can only hope we can leave better than we found it for our successors. As the sun sets on today, it is time to be an example. The time is now to make this happen. I hope that you all join me in resoundly committing ourselves to our community, collaboration, and the Council. Let us write our lasting story here, together. Maraming salamat sa inyong lahat! Mabuhay ang Pilipino Americans! Mabuhay ang FECGP! Happy Filipino American History Month, Roman Ventura FECGP President

Sunday, October 24, 2021

#FANHS PA supports "Hope and Harmony," Philippine Folk Arts Society, Inc./PFASI's Rondalla Concert, 28 October, 7 pm EST

The Philippine Folk Arts Society, Inc. (PFASI), featuring the Philadelphia region's premier Philippine rondalla/string ensemble, invites you all to “Hope and Harmony,” PFASI’s 9th annual rondalla concert on October 28, 2021 at 7 pm EST. With “Hope and Harmony” as PFASI’s 2021 theme, one goal of the virtual rondalla concert is for everyone to find hope in uplifting music and the cultural strengths of gathering - even virtually - as a supportive community. For it’s this hope found in culture and community that sustains us amidst ongoing struggles for racial justice, the challenges of health care, rising militarization, and the need for creating harmony in our fragile global home. While the virtual concert is free to viewers, donations are encouraged and will support Pakiglambigit 2021 - the Public Service, Extension, and Covid Outreach Program of the University of the Philippines College of Social Work and Community Development. Register for PFASI’s virtual concert here: FANHS Pennsylvania Chapter (FANHS PA) and the Philippine Folk Arts Society, Inc. (PFASI) have supported each other's work throughout the years. We look forward to seeing you at Hope and Harmony on October 27. UPDATED 29 October 2021 Congratulations to President Dr. Aida Navidad Rivera and everyone at PFASI for another successful PFASI Rondalla Concert, your 9th! Special thanks for so much hard work by the awesome video production team that includes Vivian Oano Murray and Marife Domingo. The whole concert is on YouTube. To celebrate community spirit, this link goes directly to my favorite song, "One Love." With love @ForCommunities, ~Joanie (JoanMay Cordova)

Join FANHS Pennsylvania Chapter's (FANHSpa) 14th annual Filipino American History Month celebration, 31 October, 4-5 pm, EST

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Please join us on 31 October 2021 at 4pm EST. FANHS PA Chapter organizers are planning another fun party - our 14th annual #FilipinoAmericanHistoryMonth event - that will once again combine teaching/learning history with memorable performances in a total celebration of our communities. Previous FANHS events have drawn friends from diverse organizations in the Greater Philadelphia region including yours. (Search the archives on this blog for lots of photos and reports : ) Behind the scenes and on camera, you'll find: *Kim Barroso, FANHS PA President and choir director and liturgist at St. Augustine Church, Philadelphia - will be welcoming all. *Marife Domingo, a community leader/organizer with too many organizations to list ;) is organizing special performances you won't want to miss. *JoanMay Cordova, (aka Tita/Ate'/Auntie Joanie ) - who works @ForCommunities everywhere - will be moderating discussions of video clips that highlight #FAHM2021 activities from various FANHS chapters and other organizations. *Roman Ventura, FISDU alum and current - and youngest ever - President of the Filipino Executive Council of Greater Philadelphia (FECG) will be doing tech.

Registration is open for #FANHS2022, the 19th biennial national conference of the Filipino American National Historical Society (FANHS)

Copy/paste this link into your browser to register for #FANHS2022, the 19th biennial national conference of the Filipino American National ...