Positively Filipino features FANHS Bridge Generation leaders for #FAHM2020 Watch here!

Watch: bit.ly/FANHSbridgegen 

* On October 1st, the e-zine Positively Filipino featured “The Bridge Generation,” with FANHS speakers --  Auntie Dorothy Laigo Cordova, Founding and forever volunteer FANHS Executive Director;  Peter Jamero,  Founding FANHS National Vice president Emeritus; and Vangie Buell, FANHS National President Emerita – all “national treasures” as Uncle Fred Cordova (RIP, 2013) would have said. They were on fire – as bold, articulate, and passionate as ever-  during the panel that everyone should see/hear. We thank Positively Filipino for posting the webinar, facilitated by Lloyd LaCuesta, on their YouTube channel.


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