TRANSPORTATION info to Seattle University

***Here's the Seattle Light Rail Schedule:

***Detailed info on how to take the new Light Rail from SeaTac airport to Seattle University. Thanks to Damian & Judy Cordova for this public transportation route to Seattle University.
"To board, you have to take the elevator/escalator out of Baggage Claim, cross over the bridge to the Parking Structure, then follow the signs to the leftthrough the parking structure and out to the Light Rail station. See the links below for updated, detailed info and schedules. However, as Trustee Emily Lawsin told our Michigan Chapter elders: if you have a lot of luggage, or if you are arriving late at night, or if you are a senior citizen, or can't walk far, then you should book a taxi or Shuttle Express if you aren't renting a car. Some companies have a flat fee from the airport and you can make a reservation online. Note: If you're staying at the Silver Cloud Inn on Broadway, you can also catch Bus #12 from Downtown (on 1st Ave. & Union St. -OR- 2ndAve. and Marion St.) and get off across the street from the hotel, on Broadway and Madison. Metro Route 12:

***IF you are in a Seattle University dorm, you'll be going to Campion Tower Dorms - 914 E. Jefferson Seattle, WA 98122 (206) 296-5600 If you're in a Seattle U apartment suite, you'll be at Chardin Suites 1020 E. Jefferson Seattle, WA 98122

***From SeaTac Airport: Shuttle Express to Seattle University (425) 981–7000 ($35)

***Your Seattle University lodging package, available at the front desk upon arrival, will include:
1) the electronic key to let you onto your floor and in your room2) a credit card for your non-conference food ($57 [to be paid to FANHS at registration] for 3 breakfasts / 2 lunches/ 1 dinner) 3) other SU information.

***Info for those going to Silver Cloud Hotel on Broadway: Taxi fare is $45-50.Cheaper alternative is taking Light Rail from SEA-Tacoma Airport to the Westlake Station. From the station, call the Silver Cloud Hotel206.325.1400 and they will send their free shuttle.
More detailed info here:


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