CAMP FYA @ FANHS National Conference

The Filipino Youth Activities (FYA) was an award winning youth organization catering to young Filipino Americans. Founded in 1957 in Seattle - FYA offered leisure time activities for more than 40 years. Currently, the Khordobah FYA Drill Team continues the legacy …

Camp FYA is replicated in some of the cultural and educational programs enjoyed by thousands of young Filipino and Filipina Americans. During the 2010 FANHS National Conference and on the Seattle University campus, CAMP FYA will offer an entertaining blend of activities for camp participants.

Cost: $25/child
Schedule: Thursday and Friday (July 22 & 23)
Time: 10:30 am - 2:30 pm

Open for children entering kindergarten to age 10 years old. (There will be a different program for youth aged 11-17.) Space is limited to 20 campers.

· Light noontime snack will be provided.
· Sample of activities include, but not limited to: parol making, folk dance, story telling, doll making, historical fun facts, intro to Tagalog, Philippine geography, and music.

To register: e-mail Damian Cordova at
or call 206.721.7711

Please include the following information:
· Name and age of child
· Parent’s name and contact information (email, phone, and home address)
· Special medical needs (e.g., allergies, diet restrictions, and etc)


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