FANHS National Conference Update!

If you have not already done so, please send your completed program proposals (in response to the Call for Papers) to ASAP. Some of you have sent in abbreviated proposals or email requests. We need all bios and complete abstracts. Looking forward to hearing from you all!

FANHS workshop and panel presentations submitted now include: "Mixing Up and Emerging Filipino Identity in Alaska," "Navy Experiences in Charleston and Long Beach," "KDP-CAMDI: A Retrospective," "Filipino Americans in Detroit and Lansing, Michigan," "The Relevance of Performing Filipino Legends and Filipino American Folktales," "Creating Workplace Empowerment: The FACES Experience," "Filipino American Jazz in San Francisco," "Filipinos in Washington, DC," "The Day the Dancers Stayed: Performing in the Filipino Diaspora," "Establishing and Maintaining a Digital Archives," "Manila is in the Heart - Time Travel with Al Robles," "Mining the Filipino Student Bulletins – Primary sources and the National Archives" and many, many more...

For the first time in the history of FANHS, special CHILDREN's WORKSHOPS will be organized this year. You're all encouraged to bring your whole family to FANHS's very unique intergenerational national conference!


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