Filipino American History Month Resolution passes in California!

Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 48—Relative to Filipino
American History Month.

legislative counsel’s digest
SCR 48, Yee. Filipino American History Month.
This measure would designate the month of October 2009, and
every October thereafter, as Filipino American History Month.

WHEREAS, The earliest documented proof of Filipino presence
in the continental United States was the date of October 18, 1587,
when the first “Luzones Indios” set foot in Morro Bay, California,
as published by Lorraine Crouchett in her book, Filipinos in
California (1982), which annotated John Walton Caughey’s book,
California (1953); and

WHEREAS, The Filipino American National Historical Society
recognizes the year of 1763 as the date of the first permanent
Filipino settlement in the United States in St. Malo Parrish,
Louisiana, which set in motion the focus on the story of our
nation’s past from a new perspective by concentrating on the
economic, cultural, social, and other notable contributions that
Filipino Americans have made in countless ways toward the
development of the history of the United States; and

WHEREAS, Efforts must continue to promote the study of
Filipino American history and culture, as mandated in the mission
statement of the Filipino American National Historical Society,
because the roles of Filipino Americans and other people of color
have been overlooked in the writing, teaching, and learning of
United States history; and

WHEREAS, It is imperative for Filipino American youth to
have positive role models to instill in them the importance of
education, complemented with the richness of their ethnicity and
the value of their legacy; and

WHEREAS, California is home to over half of the Filipino
population in the United States and the location of historic Filipino
communities such as in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Stockton,
Vallejo, Delano, San Diego, and Salinas among others; now,
therefore, be it

Resolved by the Senate of the State of California, the Assembly
thereof concurring, That the Legislature recognizes October 2009,
the 422nd anniversary of the presence of Filipinos in California,
as a significant time to study the advancement of Filipino
Americans in the history of California and the United States, as a
favorable time of celebration, remembrance, reflection, and
motivation, and as a relevant time to renew more efforts toward
research, examination, and promulgation of Filipino American
history and culture in order to provide an opportunity for all
Californians to learn and appreciate more about Filipino Americans
and their historic contributions to California and the United States;
and be it further

Resolved, That the Legislature designates October 2009, and
every October thereafter, as Filipino American History Month;
and be it further

Resolved, That the Secretary of the Senate transmit copies of
this resolution to the author for appropriate distribution.


On behalf of FANHS, we express special thanks to Senator Yee who introduced SCR 48.
FANHS Sacramento Chapter President Frances Tibon Estoista, Consultant, Senate Elections, Reapportionment and Constitutional Amendments Committee @ the California State Capitol
and FANHS National Trustee & Filipino American History Month Coordinator Mel Orpilla (FANHS Vallejo Chapter) worked with many, many people and organizations to make California's Filipino American History Month Resolution a reality. MANY, many thanks to everyone who made this possible.

Dr. Joan May T. Cordova
FANHS National President


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