FANHS national news from Seattle

Brief excerpts from the "Blogoong" by Dr. Fred Cordova:

Seattle, April 24, 2009 – ( NPA cyberspace) – Another historical day for FANHS has come on April 22 when Arcadia Publishing via FedEx sent to the National Office preliminary copies of Filipinos in Puget Sound under authorship of Dr. Dorothy Laigo Cordova and the Filipino American National Historical Society. … Now on Friday, May 15, will be its book launching and signing by D.L.C. in the parish hall of the Church of the Immaculate Conception @18th Ave & East Marion Street in Seattle, from 6 to 8 pm...

Congratulations go to Fernando Sacdalan, trustee emeritus and FANHS/Oregon founding past president, for being named the “Community‘s Most Honored Elder” from the Asian Reporter Foundation in Portland.

FANHS/Santa Clara Valley has a new website, thanks to chapter administrator Ron Muriera, The SCV website is and the chapter e-mails are /

*** It’s not quite one year away but creeping up is the FANHS 13th National Conference July 7-9, 2010, at Seattle University in Seattle.

JOIN FANHS in Seattle this week!

*** In the meantime, FANHS/National is spearheading on June 5-6-7, 2009 Pagdiriwang, a civic festival at the Seattle Center sponsored by the Filipino Cultural Heritage Society of Washington with collaboration by BIBAK (Benguet-Ifugao-Bontoc-Apayao-Kalinga) of the Pacific Northwest, assisted by other Igorot members of BIBAK from throughout the U.S. and Canada to showcase the Igorotte Village to commemorate the centennial of the Bontoc at the 1909 Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition.. …Also in the spotlight is the centennial of the arrival of the Jenkins Family to become the First Filipino American Family in Seattle; and the 50th anniversary of the founding of the renowned Filipino Youth Activities Drill Team.


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