FANHS at national Association of Asian American Studies (AAAS) conference in Honolulu, 2009

FANHS leaders gathered to present their current research at the national conference of the Association of Asian American Studies (AAAS) in Honolulu April 22-25, 2009. Here at the authors' reception, (l-r) Dr. Claire Oliveros of FANHS Oregon, Dr. Allyson Tintiangco-Cuabales with Mahalaya direct Pin@y Educational Partnerships, Professor Emily Lawsin* with Tula of FANHS Michigan, Dr. Judy Patacsil* FANHS San Diego President, Dr. Joan May Cordova* FANHS National President, Dr. Dawn Mabalon* of FANHS Stockton Chapter, Dr. Rudy Guevarra FANHS San Diego Vice President, and Dr. Patricia Espiritu-Halagao* with Merissa of Hawai'i. Other photos include FANHS Los Angeles Chapter members Florante Ibanez (who took professional photos) and Meg Thornton* plus Domingo Los Banos* of Hawai'i. Manong Domingo graciously offered a tour of Waipahu Plantation Village and bought a Filipino dinner for all FANHS friends at the AAAS conference. Many thanks, Manong! He pointed out that the historic plaque commemorating the 2006 centennial of Filipino plantation workers has been installed at Waipahu. * denotes FANHS national trustee or trustee emeritus

Also making history at AAAS is Dr. Rick Bonus of the University of Washington, who serves as the current National President of AAAS. While Dr. Theo Gonzalves of the University of Hawai'i (and FANHS 2006 national conference program co-chair) served as National President of AAAS in 1998 (for 45 minutes before the remainder of the AAAS board resigned -- a story we still have to fully document) Dr. Rick Bonus is the first Filipino to be elected president of AAAS.


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