FANHS congratulates University of Maryland, College Park: Filipino American Studies and new scholarships

We're excited that Filipino American Studies is growing on the East Coast! At the 12th biennial conference of FANHS in Anchorage, Alaska last June 2008, Juanita Tamayo-Lott organized the panel, "Inspiration, Influence, and Intrigue: the Long Reach and Hidden Impacts of Filipino American Studies since 1969," that included pioneers of the first Filipino American Studies program -- Tamayo-Lott and Dan Gonzales, as well as Gem Daus, instructor of the newest Filipino American Studies program in the US.

During the second Filipino American Studies Gala on February 21, 2009 at the University of Maryland, College Park, the Filipino Cultural Association -- together with many supportive community members and organizations -- launched the Philip Vera Cruz Scholarship and the Major General (Ret.) Antonio Taguba Profiles in Courage and Leadership Scholarship at UMCP. Guest speakers included General Taguba, Kris Valderrama of the Maryland House of Delegates, and Professor Jeff Cabusao of Bryant University in Rhode Island.

FANHS PA President Kim Barroso, Vice President Cathy Madeja and I traveled to UMCP to continue to show support for Filipino American Studies and the inspiring work being done by FANHS friends in the Washington, DC area. In a letter of thanks to the Filipino Cultural Association and all those involved in the event, I wrote:

"I was most impressed by the way organizations and individuals pulled together to host a wonderful gala, create scholarships, and do the pioneering work of creating Filipino American Studies at UMCP. You're all making history on the East Coast! Big props to everyone :-)

You'll find photos on this link: "

We hope that there will be a Washington, DC Chapter of FANHS one day soon.

Congrats to all!!


Bow-wow said…
Soon - 2nd & 3rd generation is coming into maturity. The ties to provinces are breaking down and the pride in all things Filipino are coming to fore.

I would like to see the old Embassy on Scott Circle become a Cultural Center. The first Philippine Ambassador had that built as his residence and later donated it to the Philippine government. ... Maybe find a grant to lease it... and a grant to renovate it back to its old grandeur?...

Bow-wow said…
Oh... oops - great grammar... I meant - the pride in all things Filipino IS coming to fore!
Dr Joanie said…
Bow, I hope you share this great idea with our friends in DC. Did you see my comment that "Perhaps there'll be a FANHS DC Chapter one day." Hope so!

Sojourner2009 said…
something to ponder on.....

Sojourner2009 said…
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