FANHS Wisconsin Chapter Receives Award

As a FANHS National Trustee and President of FANHS Wisconsin Chapter, P.Emraida Kiram wrote:

"Attached is the award FANHS WI received for its participation this weekend at the International Holiday Folk Fair, presenting "Textiles from the Philippines". I will prepare a more comprehensive report when the photos are ready. The FANHS WI chapter is still euphoric, since this is its FIRST participation, and did not realize there were awards. 2008 is the Holiday Folk Fair's 65th Year.

I scanned the image so everyone can see their accomplishments. Great
team work! As Mrs. Durtka said, "I did not give it to you, you earned
it!" (With a smile and a hug). Happy Thanksgiving to you all! We earned
it and as Kuya Ernie mentioned, "Round One" Ding!"

Thanks for great news, Emraida. And...



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