Juanita Tamayo-Lott to speak at FANHS PA Banquet, October 17

Please save the date and join us - October 17, 2008 - for the FANHS Pennsylvania Chapter's Banquet for Filipino American History Month, to be held at 6 pm at the H.K. Golden Phoenix Restaurant @ 911-913 Race Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107. Tickets are $35 each. To purchase tickets, contact: FANHS PA@gmail.com or call Kim Barroso, FANHS PA President, 713.501.3463 or Brad Baldia, FANHS National Trustee, 215.715.3046. Others involved in the planning committee are Marife Domingo domingo.marife@gmail.com / Cathy Madeja cathy_madeja@yahoo.com / George Gesmundo gesmundophotoart@gmail.com /

The FANHS PA Banquet's featured speaker is:

JUANITA TAMAYO LOTT, nationally known as a pioneer in the field of Filipino American and Asian American Studies, was one of the students who developed the rationale and curriculum for the first Asian American Studies Program in the United State at San Fancisco State in spring 1969. She was founding chair of the Pilipino Studies Planning Group and special assistant to the first Dean of the School of Ethnic Studies, San Francisco State in 1970. After graduating cum laude, she was awarded a Ph.D fellowship in the social sciences, specializing in sociology and demography at the University of Chicago.

From the Midwest, Juanita moved to the Washington, D.C. area. Since 1973 her community and professional work has been primarily at the national level as a manager or analyst ensuring statistical and demographic perspectives in public policies. Juanita began her career at the National Center of Education Statistics analyzing data on Title 1 students. She then led the Asian American Affairs Office at
DHEW during the fall of Vietnam with entry of refugees; ensuring Asian Pacific Islander representation in the planning and conduct of the 1980 Census; and chairing the 1975 working group of the Federal Interagency Committteee on Education that developed the racial and ethnic categories for the the federal statistical system. She was the first Asian American division director at the US Commission on Civil
Rights, 1980-82; first Asian American research associate at the Committee on National Statistics, National Academy of Sciences 1993-94, and first Filipino American section officer, American Statistical Association, 2005-06. In 1997 she joined the US. Census Bureau as special assistant to the Director in preparation for the 2000 Census and subsequently directed the 2010 Census Planning Unit. Her current work is on competitve human capital in a 21st century global eonomy, focusing on the role of civil servants.

Pioneering Federal projects directed by Juanita resulted in various publications including the classic 1976 Asian American Data Reference Directory and the 1977 Asian American Field Survey (DHEW); 1981 Child Care and Equal Opportunity for Women and 1982 The Federal Response to Domestic Violence (USCCR). Her professional publications include: Common Destiny: Filipino American Generations, 2006; "Population Shifts and Demographic Methods," with C. Matthew Snipp, American Statistical Association/international Joint Statistical Meetings Proceedings, 2003," Asian
Americans: From Racial Category to Multiple Identities
, 1998, and the Asian American Almanac, 1995. Her latest manuscript is on racial, ethnic, and gender bias in education statistics for the 2008 International Encyclopedia of Education.

Juanita is a recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Association of Asian American Studies . She currently serves on the President's Council of the Population Reference Bureau and is an advisor for Filipino American Studies, University of Maryland, College Park.


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