Bobby Roy, FANHS Sacramento, works on state curriculum revisions

Here are excerpts from Bobby Roy's communication with California's Department of Education. Many thanks to Bobby!

"Subject: Filipino American National Historical Society and California's Curriculum Framework Revision

...FANHS is THE source of Filipino American history, annually declaring October as Filipino American History Month, maintaining the National Pinoy Archives in Seattle, WA, and publishing some of the most widely used materials in Asian American and Filipino American studies classes on Filipino Americans. You can learn more
about FANHS on the FANHS Web site at

FANHS members have long been creating and developing Filipino American curricula for schools,including PinoyTeach (, the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Program
Filipino American Centennial Commemoration Curriculum Guide
(, Pinay/Pinoy Educational Partnerships
(, not to mention providing materials for the thousands of professors at
universities across the country that create syllabi for their courses on Asian American and, more specifically, Filipino American history.

FANHS is a great organization to which I am proud to be a part of. Please attend a FANHS meeting in your area, as there are chapters in the Los Angeles area, the Bay area, and the Sacramento area.

I shared the applications for the Curriculum Framework and Evaluation Criteria Committee for the History-Social Science Framework with several FANHS members at the national conference earlier this month and there definitely was a strong interest in being a part of the curriculum frameworks revision in California...


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