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Bobby Roy, FANHS Sacramento, works on state curriculum revisions

Here are excerpts from Bobby Roy's communication with California's Department of Education. Many thanks to Bobby!

"Subject: Filipino American National Historical Society and California's Curriculum Framework Revision

...FANHS is THE source of Filipino American history, annually declaring October as Filipino American History Month, maintaining the National Pinoy Archives in Seattle, WA, and publishing some of the most widely used materials in Asian American and Filipino American studies classes on Filipino Americans. You can learn more
about FANHS on the FANHS Web site at

FANHS members have long been creating and developing Filipino American curricula for schools,including PinoyTeach (, the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Program
Filipino American Centennial Commemoration Curriculum Guide
(, Pinay/Pinoy Educational Partnerships

FANHS 2008 National Conference by Rodel Rodis


Honoring Thelma
By Rodel Rodis
First Posted 11:01am (Mla time) 07/08/2008

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – The Alaska chapter of the Filipino
American National Historical Society (FANHS), led by
Dr. Aurora Salazar Hovland, proudly celebrated its
25th anniversary with its 12th Biennial Conference at
the Anchorage Hilton Hotel July 3-5, 2008, drawing
more than 300 delegates from all over the United
States to the land of the midnight sun.

“The Lure of the Salmon Song” was the theme of the
conference, referring to the tens of thousands of
Filipino “Alaskeros” who have worked in the Alaskan
canneries since 1915. In 1930 alone, there were 4,200
Filipino cannery workers in Alaska. Their numbers
swelled to 9,000 a decade later but by 1976, there
were down to just 1,200. Their numbers are
insignificant now.

A highlight of the conference=2 0was the Friday morning
plenary session on the “Alaskero Experience” with
former Alaskeros sharing their recollections of their
time at the canneries. Dr. Alan Be…

FANHS 2008 National Conference in the News!

News Flash:
Asian Journal just published a 2 and 1/2 page spread on FANHS! (Just advance this to get to the next two pages.

Many thanks to Baylan, Evelyn L, Ron, Vangie for sharing the info with the reporter.

page 1:

page 2:

page 3:

(who was in the group trekking up the mountain away from the group pic, lol)

FANHS New Jersey Chapter & WWII Vets in the news

Filipino Veterans' Fight for Equality

For more info, see article here: