Authors: Please send books to Alaska ASAP

Titania Buchholdt has just sent this reminder to all those who are planning to have books available for the FANHS Authors' Reception. If you plan to send your books to the FANHS conference,

1. The address is

[insert author's name or the person the books belong to], FANHS national conference
Anchorage Hilton Hotel
500 West Third Ave
Anchorage AK 99501-2210

2. If you are sending books by mail, it is now *too late* to send via USPS Media Mail!

If you send books by First Class, allow three to six weeks for the books to arrive -- which means it is too late to send via First Class unless you are sending from the Seattle area.

If you are going to mail books ahead and you have not yet done so, you must send via Priority Mail no later than two weeks prior to the start of the conference! Yes, the USPS does advertise that Priority Mail "usually" takes two to three days. Note, this "usual" delivery time does not apply to items sent to Alaska or Hawaii!

Because it is now too late to mail books to the conference other than by Priority Mail, consider using FedEx or UPS Ground no later than this week. Delivery takes about 7 to 10 days from the West Coast. Check with your local FedEx or UPS office for the delivery time range from your location.

Hope this clarifies the situation!

Titania :)


Many thanks, Titania! Titania -- together with Tala Ibabao and Patrick Tamayo -- will be featured at the "Kulintang in America" workshop at FANHS. They've all been trained by Kulintang Master Danongan Kalunduyan


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