Authors' Reception, Ads, Registration, and Sponsorship

FANHS conference registration fees increase after tomorrow! Please register ASAP. You may send conference registration forms and checks to FANHS - 810 18th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98122. Everyone must register for the conference. Your canceled check will be your receipt. Registration packets will be available when we all get to Alaska. FANHS Conference registration forms are here:

BOOKS for Authors' Reception
If you're staying at the Hilton in Anchorage, please mail your books (addressed to yourself :-) so that they will arrive on the date that you plan to be there. If you think that the books will arrive before you get there or if you're not staying at the Hilton, please address your box to AIDA HAYDEN at the Hilton in Anchorage. Aida is a FANHS Alaska Chapter officer who'll watch out for FANHS stuff.

Please email your copy-ready ads to me: pdf files work best.

If you'd like to be a sponsor of FANHS, please download forms (see earlier posts) and send checks to:
Ms. Fran Alayu Womack
FANHS National Treasurer
1364 E. 48th St
Chicago, IL 60615-2028


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